Who is allowed to attend?

Our Moon Circles are all-inclusive, anyone over the age of 18 is welcome. Those who are 16 or above are welcome to attend when accompanied by a responsible adult. Each circle is a stand alone event so you don't need to have attended any previous circles. They are suitable for complete beginners as well as those further into their journeys, and are non path specific (meaning that they are suitable for everyone regardless as to whether they follow a particular spiritual tradition, or not). 

How long does each circle last?

Each circle last for approximately 3 hours.  You are welcome to take a comfort break at any time.

Do I need to bring anything?

We provide everything that you need in order to complete any activities and crafts, all we ask in return is a monetary donation of whatever you can afford to help cover costs. You are welcome to bring an extra cushion, blanket and bottle of water. You may also like to bring your own notebook or journal to make notes. We offer basic refreshments but if you would like to bring along any food or drinks to share with the group this is always very welcome, but not a necessary requirement. 

I struggle with mobility and can't get up and down off the floor, can I still come?

Absolutely. Please mention any needs and preferred requirements in the comment section when booking. 

Are your circles suitable for complete novices? I have never attended anything like this before an am rather nervous.

Yes, beginners are most welcome. Our circles are suitable for everyone.  It's okay to feel unsure and a little nervous about attending new and unfamiliar events, we are here to help you through that process of taking your first tentative steps. People have been gathering in circles down throughout history, for a sense of community and belonging. The most common thing first time attendance say after their first circle is how it felt so right, and compare it to the feeling of "coming home."

Our circles are intimate, safe and welcoming, and are usually attended by a mixture of beginners along with a few with more experience. We keep our numbers low so that everyone feels welcome, supported and comfortable. 

I noticed that some dates don't coincide with the actual dates of the Sabbat festivals?

That's right, we hold our Circles on a Saturday/Sunday close to the actual date as we have found that this is the most convenient time for the majority of people.  

What if I'm late or need to cancel my booking?

We have a soft starting time - we begin with the presentation and craft making activity to allow those who wish to join us for the ritual to arrive later if they cannot get here any earlier. The cut off arrival time is 8:00 pm sharp - as this is when we will begin the guided meditation. 

If you need to cancel for any reason, please send an email to: enchantedmooncircles@gmail.com  as soon as possible so that we may offer your space to someone on the waiting list. Those that fail to turn up without first informing us will not be welome to attend future circles unless they had good reason. 

The Circle I wanted to attend is fully booked. Can you let me know if you have any cancellations?

We are happy to add your name to our waiting list. Simply send us an email to let us know that you wish to be added.  It is helpful to provide a mobile number so that we can send you a text if a space become available. Depending on how close it is to the actual event, if we do not receive a timely response from you, the space will be offered to the next person on the list. Places are not secured until confirmation has been received  enchantedmooncircles@gmail.com 

Can I simply turn up on the night?

No. Bookings must be made in advance, but it is always worth emailing us on the day to see if we can fit you in.

I have special dietary requirements, do I need to bring my own food and drink for consumption during the ritual?

We will do our best to accommodate the dietary needs of everyone - but do make sure that you make this clear on your booking form. You will be advised by email if we feel it is better for you to bring your own food and drink for the ritual. Do feel free to bring your own snack and drink to enjoy post ritual. It is advisable to bring a bottle of water to keep at hand to keep you hydrated throughout the event (you are welcome to bring this with you inside the ritual space).

The ritual drink will always be alcohol free and suitable for vegans. The ritual food will also be suitable for vegetarians unless we have been made aware that an attendant is vegan. The same goes for gluten free and similar. We are very happy make adjustments where possible, or for you to bring your own. 

Note: we will not be sharing a communal cup for health and hygiene reasons. Everyone will be offered a libation in their own separate drinking vessel.